Best Electric Scooters for Kids – The Ultimate Guide

Every child dreams about being able to go around town in a motorized vehicle, just like adults do.Nine out of ten children who have already mastered vehicles that don’t have a motor, like push-scooters, will at one point or another ask for a faster, more fun vehicle. Even kids that haven’t used simple toy scooters before will very likely want an electric scooter at a certain age. It’s a natural thing to desire these days. Motorized scooters that are designed for kids, are made, needles to say, having kids in mind. The engineers that are behind products like these, do not concentrate solely on the quality of the ride, but also on the safety aspects, so that children have not only a fun but also a safe ride.

Choosing the best electric scooters for kids demands some time to do the necessary research. Because as a parent, you probably have enough on your plate already, this article contains all the important information that you would have probably obtained in several days of research. We review the best electric scooters for kids in two different categories: standing scooters and seated scooters. The main difference between them is that with standing scooters kids stand on a deck while holding the handlebar and with seated scooters the design is very similar but have a seat installed on the deck, that resembles in many cases bicycle seats. Both types have a chain driven electric motor powered by built-in rechargeable batteries.

Scooters are generally very easy to use, much easier than bikes. Most children who have used simple, push-scooters before have already developed the necessary skills to operate an electric, motorized version. Those who haven’t, will discover that the skills necessary to ride an electric scooter can be obtained very fast, and without too much hassle.

Because they’re so easy to use, parents will be able to teach kids that haven’t ridden scooters before how to use them. Besides being a fun object, they can prove to be very useful too. Some kids use them to travel to and from school or to take care of certain chores.

Parents can also use some of the electric scooters reviewed in this article. They can prove to be a versatile and cheap means of transportation. It’s very important though to check the upper weight limit on each model, because most are designed solely with kids in mind, making them inappropriate for adults.

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Safety before anything else

As with any other vehicle, there are certain safety precautions that must be taken into account when riding an electric scooter.

To start with, everybody who’s thinking about riding scooters should respect certain simple and common sense safety measures that will go a long way in case of an unwanted situation. Helmets are the number one safety measure that all children and adults should use. Also, you should teach your child fundamental knowledge about being a traffic participant such as hand signals and basic knowledge of traffic signs.

We don’t want to blast your dreams of using electric scooters for your commute or your kid’s dreams of endless summer days riding around the neighborhood, but most electric scooters’ batteries will only last for around 50 continuous minutes before needing another 12-hour recharge. You and your kids should be aware of this fact before deciding whether an electric scooter is really what you’re looking for. This aspect will surely improve, but for the time being this is where your realistic expectations should be.

If you think that you can continue to operate them physically after the battery’s dead, you might want to readjust your expectations. Most models will turn into an inert object that you will have to drag home after battery life is over. We urge you to think about this when you plan your trips, or face the unpleasant consequences.

Things to take into account

If you plan on purchasing an electric scooter for your kid, these are few aspects that you need to consider:

  1. Make sure that the electric scooter of your choice will fit your kid. Because children grow quickly up until a certain age, the risk of outgrowing anything is great. So you might want to think about that if you don’t want to buy another one next year.
  2. We only included the best electric scooters for kids that we could find, so that your investment will give back value for many years to come, of course with the proper care on your part.
  3. Don’t forget to buy the necessary safety accessories when you purchase the scooter of your choice.
  4. A last piece of advice before taking a look at the best electric scooters for kids on the market. If you want to surprise your kid and buy one for Christmas or his birthday, keep in mind that a new scooter will need an initial charging time of 24 hours, according to manufacturers. So if you want to spare him a day of waiting, act accordingly.

Our choice: Razor E300 Electric Scooter

This model is one of the fastest electric scooters produced by Razor. Because it can take a weight of up to 220 lbs. it’s a perfect fit for bigger kids as well as for adults.

One of the biggest problems when living in a suburban, or otherwise densely populated area is the noise. When buying a vehicle like an electric scooter, it’s probably one of the aspects that you should consider, if you want to avoid frustrating your neighbors. The Razor E300 Electric Scooter is probably one of your best choices because its engine is as quiet as it gets with this kind of vehicles.

On the other hand, unlike other models that are very simple to use, the E300 has a twist grip throttle acceleration and a hand operated rear brake which might require some initiation. It’s probably not the best choice for very young toddlers. But the skills that are needed to ride it can be definitely comprehended by a child that has a prior experience with basic scooters.

Due to the greater motor power and thick tires, the Razor E300 will work as well on gravel and grass as on asphalt. Don’t try to use it on sand though, as you might get stuck in it.

On the other hand, the powerful motor drains the battery a bit faster than we’d like it. Well, can’t have ’em all.

The E300 is meant for older kids, who are already in their teenage years. Because teens tend to be over rebellious at times you, as a responsible adult that you are, should insist on respecting the proper safety precautions when riding such a vehicle.


  1. It has a quiet motor (as quiet as it gets);
  2. The superior power offers a fun enough ride for teens;
  3. Reaches higher speeds than most scooters.


  1. Not suited for younger children due to powerful motor;
  2. Extensive use could have an impact on battery life.

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