What’s the Best Baby Bottle?

If you are about to or have recently become a parent, then you probably have a long list of decisions that you need to make, in a relatively short time frame. Some of these decisions are very important and you will probably need to consult professionals before making them. Others are only dependent on your taste for colors and style, like when decorating the nursery. And then there are those decisions that are pretty much  in the middle. You would need to do some research for these but the end choice will also rely on your taste. Products that your kid will be using daily fall under this category, such as baby bottles.

Finding the best baby bottle takes some time if you want to do the research on your own. Because many young parents are caught up in this moment of their life with decisions that are of higher impact, we decided to help and do the research ourselves, so you can find the best picks fast and easy.

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What to Consider Before Buying a Baby Bottle


If the best baby bottle has to do one thing right then that is keeping liquids safely contained inside. If a baby bottle can’t pass this basic requirement, then it’s not worth considering. Although many diaper bags have specially designed compartments for baby bottles, that hold them in a straight position, a good bottle will not leak even if it tips over. You should also preferably select a bottle that has a travel cap, avoiding the possibility of milk dripping out, when you go for a stroll with your baby.

Nipple Shape & Material

The part of the bottle that your baby gets into direct contact with, and is also one of the most important parts, is the nipple. There are two characteristics that you need to consider about this aspect: its shape and the material it’s made of. The best thing is to choose a natural size and shape.

As much as the material is concerned, most are made of silicone, which is the better choice. The other would be latex, but it’s not the best material, because it breaks down quicker, meaning you will have to replace it more often.

Finally, one of the aspects that also need to be taken into account is the right flow. With some nipples the flow is fast, and the baby can’t swallow as fast, or with others the flow is too slow, making most babies frustrated.

Easy to Clean

Because newborn babies need to be fed once every 2 to 4 hours, bottle cleaning is probably going to be part of your daily routine. Most baby bottles are dishwasher safe, but it’s recommended you wash them manually as well, to make sure that they’re spotless.

If you decide to only wash the bottles manually, then you have to boil them for about 5 minutes in order to completely sterilize them. If you choose a bottle that has many small parts, then it would help to also buy a bottle brush, and a brush for the small parts.

Overall View

Focusing only on individual aspects doesn’t make sense without looking at it as a whole. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a baby bottle, and they all must be perfectly aligned for your and your baby’s needs. Feeding time being one of the most important moments that you share with your baby, it’s important they don’t get interrupted by any weaknesses of the bottle itself. As long as a bottle meets the above mentioned requirements, it’s most probably a great choice.


There might be other great options that you could find. The ones that we included in our table are the ones that our research has shown us to be the best baby bottles available right now.

Another great option is going for an all-in-one package, like the Philip AVENT Essentials Gift Set.

It contains 2 x 9 ounce bottles and 2 x 4 ounce bottles, and pretty much everything else you need: bottle brush, formula dispenser, pacifier, trainer cup, express microwave sterilizer.

Overall it’s a high value bundle, saving you many headaches.

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