BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller Review

Have you ever thought about the important aspects that makes a double stroller a favorite choice for most parents of twins?

A model that is considered to be valuable has to be packed with many useful features and offer a certain level of convenience. It has to be at the same time safe, versatile and offer comfort for the little ones.

According to our research, most parents who have bought the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller consider it to be one of the best available right now. What exactly makes it such a highly rated model?

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Benefits that Make This a Parents’ Favorite

1. Very Comfortable for Kids

The Adjustable Suspension System on this stroller is designed to give your babies the most comfortable and smooth ride. It features shock absorbers keeps the little ones comfortable even if you go out jogging. To further enhance the security level they added 5-point harnesses that can be fastened with ease by using pull rings.

2. Increased Maneuverability with Rotating Front Wheel

The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller has three wheels, two in the back and one in the front. Te back wheels are larger, they stand in a fixed position and are really sturdy. They’re fit to handle higher speeds and rough terrain. The front wheel is capable of rotating completely, but can also be fixed in a straight position. Thanks to this 3-wheel design, you can use it when you go out jogging, when you go over uneven terrain and even take corners very easily.

3. Easy to Store due to a Compact Design

The lightweight frame of the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller is made out of aluminium alloy and chromoly. It’s light enough for you to move it around without experiencing difficulties. The smart 2-step folding system allows for it to be stored space-efficiently, in your garage, storage space or in your car’s trunk, when you go on a family trip.

4. User Friendly built-in Accessories

When you buy a product such as a double stroller, sure it has to be convenient for you, but the main stars of the show are your babies. You should choose one that gives them the most advantages. The seats are some of the most important parts of strollers. If they’re not well designed the only ones who are going to suffer from a poor quality are the little ones. This is an aspect where this model excels. The seats recline to 70 degrees for when it’s nap time. They are are also ultra-padded for added comfort.

The safety of your kids is another deciding factor along with comfort. For a good protection from environmental conditions, the stroller is equipped with rooftops that have large windows incorporated, that are also capable of being set into different positions.

Another important accessory, especially for a double stroller is storage space. When you have 2 kids, you have to pack 2 times more of everything. This can add up fast to many items that you have to carry around. It’s a good thing that the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller has enough storage space to pack all of the babies’ stuff and then some. It’s equipped with 4 interior pockets, 2 pockets behind the seats and a big hanging basket below the seats. This way you can distribute all the things that you have to carry around in order of their frequency of use.

Further Useful Features:

  • A brake on the rear wheels adds to the security level of this stroller. You can engage it with your foot and stop it where it is in case of urgent need.
  • With this stroller you have the possibility to attach all kinds of infant car seat seats after connecting the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter.

Ratings and Reviews of Customers

The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller has been reviewed by 342 customers to date, averaging 4.6 out of 5 starts. It’s one of the highest rated strollers ever. The 4.6 average rating by 342 customers is made up of the following statistics: 263 rated it 5 stars, 47 rated it 4 stars, 17 rated it 3 stars, 13 rated it 2 stars and 2 customers rated it at 1 star. It’s interesting to follow how this develops over time.

The following characteristics made this stroller a bestseller among parents:

  • A Superior Design. The overall built and quality of materials used in building the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller are great. The frame is light but strong and the fabric is moisture repellent and looks really durable.
  • Comfortable Seats. BOB has made some great improvements as far as seats are concerned. Compared with previous models, the seats of the Revolution SE are much more supportive featuring extra padding for the headrest and lumbar area. They also removed the need for the seats to be buckled or unbuckled, thus making it easier to recline.
  • Super-sized Tops. This is an intelligent addition. The great thing about the canopies is that they cover your kids perfectly and have large windows on the upper side, so you can always see them, also allowing much light to enter. You can roll them up quickly if needed, or if you have 2 different aged children, you can tuck the cover to offer more head space.
  • Increased Maneuverability. Multiple moms have mentioned this as being one of the biggest advantages of the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller.They said that that pushing it, taking corners, stopping it at once are all common operations that are very easy to accomplish with this stroller. Parents also mentioned the fact that going grocery shopping is a breeze with this stroller. It’s easy to take turns, avoid obstacles and go through the aisles without creating inconveniencing other people in the store. Going through most doors is easy to do as well, although it will fit almost barely through some.


As you probably guessed it, no product can be completely perfect for everyone. The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller has also received complaints by some customers. It seems that most parents who had negative comments about it said that it wasn’t designed for taller children. So, if you children are already 3 years old, or one of them is, or they’re taller than an average 3+ kid would be, he might have some trouble with his head touching the cover.

Another weakness that was mentioned by some parents is the fact that it might be a bit difficult for taller parents to operate the stroller because the handlebar is not adjustable. This may cause some back pains due to a hunched position while pulling. Also the addition of a cup holder for parents would have been a useful feature. Especially while taking longer walks or doing some jogging, being able to accessibly store a bottle of water would have been nice.


Summarizing all the information collected on the BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, we can say that it’s definitely one of the best double strollers that you can find, although receiving a few negative reviews from some customers. The greatest majority of the parents who got this model for their kids say it’s the best possible decision that they could have made.

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