Contours Optima Tandem Stroller Review

One of the major limitations of many double strollers is the fixed position of the seats. Especially when having 2 kids, they might get bored pretty quickly, which means double the action. It’s a situation most parents would like to avoid.

The easiest solution would be a double stroller that is designed to offer adjustable position settings for the seats. The Contours Optima Tandem Stroller is probably the best match for this need.

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Benefits of the Contours Optima Tandem Stroller

1. The Highest Level of Versatility

This is probably the feature that makes this model superior to most double strollers. When you have 2 kids and go out for longer strolls, they lose their patience very quickly, most of the times getting bored, and it’s not easy trying to negotiate with them.

To help you avoid those scenarios, Contours built some smart features into the design of their Optima tandem stroller. The adjustable seats are a really useful feature, giving your kids the ability to choose how they want to sit, and ultimately turning each stroll into a wonderful and exciting experience.

There are multiple seating arrangements that you can choose from. You can put the seats into a straight position, facing forward, you can set the seats into a backwards facing position (to easier keep an eye on them while sleeping), you can put them facing each other, so they can interact, or you can even put them back to back. All these different options to choose from will probably solve the boredom problem, at least for a while.

If you have an older kid, you can choose to put attach only one seat in the front, and use the extra space for storage. It comes in especially handy when going for grocery shopping.

Another great thing about this stroller is that you can attach most types of infant car seats to it, transforming into a pretty versatile travel system. It’s truly one of the most flexible double strollers out there. It’s hard to find another model that is comparable in this aspect.

2. Space Efficient Design

Although boasting of flexibility related features, it’s not very big, actually it’s quite compact, at 31.2 x 21.8 x 15.4 inches. The Optima Tandem can be folded very easily and has a feature, the “Free Stand” feature, that makes it stand upright so you can easier store it in narrow spaces. This feature serves you especially well if you live in an apartment.

3. Easy to Use

Another important deciding factor when reviewing double strollers is their weight and how easy you can use them. There are many parents who complain about how heavy their strollers are and how difficult it is to maneuver and transport them. At 36.6 pounds, the Contours Tandem Stroller feels really light considering what it is. Transporting it is easily done by folding it in virtually one move.

4. User-Friendly Features

Most double strollers have cup holders for the kids but not all have one for the parents. When you go out on longer strolls, you would probably have to take some kind of beverage with you to stay hydrated, and with the lack of a cup holder you would have to store your beverage under the seats making it pretty difficult to easily access.

This is not a high-tech feature that would need an enormous amount of thought invested in it, but it’s really helpful and user-friendly, proving that somebody over at Contours thought about making their product as convenient for parents as possible.

It also has a built-in organizer to help you store the kids food so feeding the kids on longer strolls is as easy as it can get.

More Useful Features:

  • The reclining seats are provided with head rests that offer great support for your kids, when sitting straight or sleeping reclined.
  • The two individual canopies offer protection from environmental factors.
  • The storage space from underneath the seats is big enough to hold everything you need to take with you for the kids and most of your stuff.

Feedback, Ratings and Reviews of Customers

The Contours Optima Tandem Stroller has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has been reviewed by a total number of 53 users. The 4.5 average is made up of 35 ratings of 5 stars, 12 ratings of 4 stars, 3 ratings of 3 stars, 2 ratings of 2 stars and 1 rating of 1 star. Let’s take a look at what most parents said about this stroller:

  • Reduced Weight and Compact Size. Most parents who reviewed this stroller said they were amazed by how easy it is to push it around. Many moms said that although they’re not very tall or heavy, they didn’t experience any difficulty whatsoever pushing the stroller fully loaded, with both kids and a full storage basket, even when going uphill. This is actually one of the most mentioned benefits, along with it’s flexibility. Parents loved the fact that it’s really easy to maneuver through crowded places like amusement parks or malls. They also mentioned that it fits through any doorway or passageway easily and that storing it is narrow spaces or car trunks is a breeze.
  • Very Flexible and Versatile. This is one of the most appreciated aspects of this double stroller. The fact that you can set the seats in so many combinations. Many parents have mentioned how boring it used to get for their children at some point during a longer stroll and how that problem disappeared magically once they got this stroller and let their kids to decide on their own how they wanted to sit.
  • Handy Additions. This is another aspect mentioned by users. Many parents were said they thought this was a simple addition to the stroller, but a really useful one because so many other models lack it. We’re referring to the cup-holder, that we mentioned above in our benefits section of this model. The storage basket is also appreciated by many reviewers, for obvious reasons. The Contour Optima Tandem Stroller is put into the sportlight by it’s smartly ingenious and simple features that put it in a league of its own.


The only weakness that some have mentioned is the fact that although it’s very flexible and versatile, you have to take it apart when packing it up for travel, and then you have to put it back together once you arrive at the destination. Truth is you would have to take the seats off, but considering the fact that you can fit almost all kinds of car seats on it and the number of features that it offers, taking the seats off and putting them back on might not seem such a big weakness for every parent.

Apart from that there are no big complaints that we could identify at multiple users.


Overall, the Contours Optima Tandem Double Stroller is an option that you might want to consider if you have 2 kids and want a flexible stroller that makes trips even more fun for the little ones, and at the same time makes life easier for you. Considering the price range it sells for, buying this stroller makes for a pretty wise value for money decision.

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