Million Dollar Baby Classic Ashbury 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

The crib is one of the most important elements of your nursery. It’s the place where your baby will spend a big chunk of his time in the early years of his life. It’s only normal to choose a crib that doesn’t only have a great design, but is also comfortable for your baby, offering him the support he needs. One of the best rated items in this category is the Million Dollar Baby Classic Ashbury 4-in-1 Convertible Crib. Let’s take a look at what this crib has to offer:

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Benefits of the Million Dollar Baby Classic Ashbury Convertible Crib

Right from the start, it has a very appealing design, that is not only good looking but is also sturdy and functional. The wavy style of this crib puts it apart from most baby cribs that you can find.

One of the greatest advantages of the Million Dollar Baby Classic Ashbury is that it converts to a toddler bed, day bed and full size bed. This feature makes it a high value for money option, because it will grow with your kid, and you there will be no need to buy different bedding when your child gets older. We think this is a deciding factor when purchasing a baby crib. There are other models that have this feature too, so if you don’t particularly like the Classic Ashbury, you have other options. Just make sure to choose a convertible crib.

Another useful feature is the storage space located beneath the crib. If your nursery lacks the space for complementary furnishing, then the included drawer will be of great use to store diapers, blankets and other things your baby needs. If you do have distinct storage areas, you can leave to drawer beside when installing the crib. It arguably looks even better without the drawer.

Further Important Advantages:

  • Statis side toddler rail;
  • Lead and phthalate safe, non-tox finish;
  • JPMA Certified;
  • Coordinates well with the Porter Changer;
  • It’s eligible for free replacement parts, if you purchase from Amazon.

Feedback, Ratings and Reviews of Customers

The Million Dollar Baby Classic Ashbury Convertible Crib has received an average customer rating of 4.3 out of 5. It has been reviewed by 45 customers as of today, with the individual ratings looking like this: 31 have rated it 5 stars, 5 have rated it 4 stars, 3 have rated it 3 stars, 5 have rated it 2 stars and 1 customer has rated it 1 star. Let’s take a look at what most parents thought about this crib:

  • Style & Design. Most parents who’ve taken precious time out of their day to write a review of the crib they got, said that they were really impressed by how great it looks. Further more, the said that it not only looks great, but it is also solid and well-built.
  • Storage. This is another aspect that most parents loved. It’s so common that young parents nowadays live in urban areas, with restricted space. Some parents who found it hard to fit a lot more additional furniture in their nursery, said that the drawer underneath this crib offers them a fair amount of space to neatly store some of the things that they need in the nursery.
  • Conversion Ability. The big majority of parents who bought this crib said that one of the important deciding factors for choosing this model was its ability to convert, so their kids can use it for longer.
  • Easy Installation. Many reviewers said that they found the installation process to be pretty easily performed. After checking out the instructions, everything is pretty straightforward. The video above shows you the entire installation process.


Although many parents loved this crib, there were some reviewers that had some complaints to make. There was one parents who found a damaged part in the package, but he managed to get a replacement pretty easily. Another aspect that some parents found to be a weakness was the higher price, but most reviewers said that it was actually high value for the price, considering all the benefits that come with this crib.


Overall, although the Million Dollar Baby Classic Ashbury Convertible Crib has received some negative reviews, most parents mentioned that their kids loved it and that it was probably the best investment they could have made.

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