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healthy baby

So you are a first-time mom (or second-time mom, it doesn’t matter really, for mothers always get anxious when it is about their babies), looking online to find out if your little darling baby is doing all right, even though he/she does seem to be doing all right! And you are setting off a wide [...]

advice for new parents

ecoming a parent is the easy part, but how to become a good parent is where most people go wrong. You need careful and meticulous planning in advance to make sure the baby you are going to have, never has to face any kind of trouble while growing up. This planning should ideally begin before [...]

do i need a baby monitor

aising children has changed so much since the time of our parents and grand-parents. Today, we benefit of so many things that make our lives so much better. If you are a first time parent, or expecting a baby, you can easily get confused about which products you really need. But this is normal. There [...]

best baby books

lthough your baby is not at the stage when he can read, he’s still able to enjoy books by looking at pictures, and hearing your voice reading to him. Studies show that talking to babies boosts their brain development, and what better way than reading an interesting story. But when it comes to buying board books [...]

checklist for new baby

hen you’re expecting a baby, and you literally started the final countdown, the sheer vastness of things that you need to take care of can easily dry up your batteries. To help you with that endeavor, we’ve put together a checklist for new baby, so you can save some valuable time to be able to [...]

why babies cry

The moment a child is born is one of the happiest moments of most parents’ lives. The rush of joy is truly unique, and completely transforms your value system. But as you progress into parenthood, you start facing situations that you most likely don’t have answers to, like the reasons why babies cry. If this is exactly [...]

toddler and baby learning videos

There’s tons over tons of video learning materials for babies and toddlers available online. We’ve done some research and decided to feature the ones we liked most in this article, so you can easily find the best baby leaning videos without wasting too much time. Before going on to see which are some of our [...]

How to Clean A Stroller Guide

fter buying a stroller, not many parents think about the fact that sometime down the road they’re going to have to clean it. Because strollers are made of different kinds of materials, cleaning them well and fast is going to take some research, and trial and error. Knowing how scarce time gets when you have [...]