Checklist for New Baby: Essentials You Really Need

checklist for new baby

When you’re expecting a baby, and you literally started the final countdown, the sheer vastness of things that you need to take care of can easily dry up your batteries. To help you with that endeavor, we’ve put together a checklist for new baby, so you can save some valuable time to be able to breathe more before taking up the next chore.

Because there are so many baby products on the market, you can easily get confused and get into a state where you don’t know what to pick. There are many baby products that are amazing, but they are probably things that you can get at some point in the future.

While compiling our new baby checklist, we made a mission out of including only those products that are essential for your baby’s arrival. Everything else, that is not essential right now, you can get in the following months. So, that said, let’s go on to our checklist:

Table of Contents

Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist

We organized the list according to to the different aspects and situations of those that first period after birth. Again, there might be further products that could be useful, but here are the absolute essentials:


If you prefer using re-usable cloth diapers:

  • Approximately 50 cloth diapers (you can go as high as you want, lower not recommended, if you don’t want to run out of diapers or make washing them a continuous chore);
  • Waterproof covers;
  • Changing pad;
  • Diaper pail;

If you prefer using disposable diapers:

  • 2 packs of newborn diapers (you shouldn’t get too many packs before you see exactly how they fit your baby and how fast he develops);
  • Changing pad;
  • Diaper pail;


If you are breastfeeding:

You will not need many products, but there are some that are very useful, such as:

  • Breast pump;
  • Baby bottles;
  • Storage containers for milk;
  • Nursing pilow;
  • Nursing bra;

If you are formula feeding:

  • Formula (of course);
  • Baby bottles (4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles);

If you do both breast and formula feeding, then all of the mentioned products are very helpful.


There are a number of clothing items that you should stock up before baby’s arrival. You can extend this list and get other items too, but again, we only featured those that you will absolutely need. We also avoided to give exact quantities of each, because that’s really up what you think as being enough.

  • Before anything else you will need all-in-one outfits that snap at the crotch. Apart from the fact that they’re very easy to use, they also are very comfortable for your baby. It’s best to choose designs that cover your baby’s feet. This way you will not need to buy socks, that usually fall off their feet and get lost anyway.
  • The next essential is the body-suit (vest). You should get several of those too. They’re very practical; they can wear them under their all-in-ones in the winter, or they can wear only the body-suit when it’s warmer.


There are several specific products that you will need, the essentials being:

  • Hooded towels;
  • Packs of washcloths;
  • Baby shampoo;
  • Baby body wash;
  • Baby bathtub;
  • Thermometer (preferably digital, because it’s so much easier to use);
  • A special, milder soap, for cleaning baby’s laundry.


The nursery is the place where your baby will spend most of his time, during the first period of his life. These are the essentials that you need to outfit your nursery with:

On the Go

Your baby will probably spend most of his initial time sleeping in the nursery, but for those moments when you want to go outdoors, there are some products that come in handy:

Final Thoughts

As mentioned in the beginning, this is a checklist for new baby is made up of the most essential products you will need for your baby’s arrival. There are further products that, although aren’t essential starting with your baby’s first day, are very helpful.

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